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$40.00—plus $5.00 first-class postage and handling

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$40.00—plus $35.00 priority postage and handling

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Two DVDs Loaded With High Caliber Card Magic





Bullet Party.  A fractal blast.  Follow the Ace and ignore the Jokers—if you can—before the bullets start flying.  Complete with subtitles.

Final Verdict.  Four cuts finds four Aces.  Spectator does all of the work.  No, really. 

Box Jumper.  An illusion.  Her card (lost in the deck) changes places with your card (in the card box).  Presto.

Riverboat Poker.  Cardzilla at the card table.   Hardcore poker on the Mississippi riverboats.  High stakes, low ability.

Poker Pairadox Redux.  Classic stacker made fractal.  Looks and smells like Texas Hold ‘Em poker—but it’s not.  Instantly resets.  Go all in.

Fractal Re-Call (Revised).  JB’s popular “Call Of The Wild” wild-card routine fractalized.

Crocodile False Cut.  In the hands, no table required.  Fast, false and user-friendly.  Snap.




Mega ‘Wave.  Hocus Pocus and Mumbo Jumbo hammer the four-card  Brainwave.

Fat City Revisited.  Fine-tuned card sandwiches.  Maximum efficiency.

Wicked.  Help Dorothy escape from you know who.

Bullet Catcher.  Cut-the-Aces-from-a-shuffled pack.  Fire when ready.

Drop Target Aces.  Aces, buried alive, return with a vengeance.  The future is here.

Four Shadow Aces.  Classic Ace assembly, shaken not stirred.  Smooth and sophisticated.

Big Fat Bluff Aces.  Aces assemble, change to Kings, then dis-assemble—or do they?  Low cost, high bluff, all fun.

Bannon has done it again! Bullet Party picks up where Bullets After Dark left off, and it’s stronger and more commercial than ever. Bannon is in top form with this project.

John Guastaferro

I have always enjoyed and admired the Bannon way of thinking, and I was not disappointed with Bullet Party. Every routine is a lesson in good card magic construction, achieving maximum effect with an economy of moves. John Bannon is one of the greats—and this DVD set is simply that—great!

Peter Duffie


The best DVD release of 2011 . . . already.”

Andi Gladwin

John Bannon is a creative tour-de-force,

Joshua Jay

If 'refudiate' is officially a new word, I want to add another one to the lexicon--Bannonized. That's the only way to describe how I felt after the barrage of miracles on these DVDs. 

David Acer

Bannon and Big Blind Media have done it again! Another hit on their hands!”

Bill Malone

John Bannon is a living legend and has contributed a number of neo-classic routines to the art of magic.

Caleb Wiles

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