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$20.00—plus $5.00 first-class postage and handling

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$20.00—plus $35.00 priority postage and handling

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John Bannon's "Dealing With It."

Returns In Season Two (2018)

Love card tricks? Well then, you've come to the right place!

Dealing With It Season Two features ALL the routines from John Bannon's acclaimed Genii Magazine column throughout 2018. 


Chicago Fire

La Gioconda

On The Border

Prophet Motive III


Three Part Harmony

The JB Double Lift


Flipside Assembly

Devious construction, captivating presentations, no difficult moves - just tricks that you will be desperate to get out and perform the second you see them.

Magic Orthodoxy

Another outstanding collection of incredibly strong and oh so practical card magic.  You will be fooled badly by the material and then be thrilled at how easy these miracles are to learn and perform!

John Carey

This is another package of John's fine work. Everything is easy to do while not being self working. There are some real foolers here.  Great DVD.  He has done it again!

Magic Portal

No other magician has that uncanny knack of simplifying and streamlining tricks and somehow making them BETTER! Consistently strong and awesome card magic.   Some of these tricks alone would be worth $20 by itself.   Another insanely great product.  Home Run!

Straight Talk Magic Reviews

Rockstars - Performance

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