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In the US only:


$25.00—plus $5.00 first-class postage and handling

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In the Rest of the World:


$25.00—plus $35.00 priority postage and handling

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A Double-Barreled Two Phase Prediction.

Easy And Entertaining

Full Deck Of ESP Cards Supplied

Your spectator freely selects five cards from the ESP pack. You predicted not only which five cards they would select…but in which order too!

So far, so incredible, however that is just phase one. The true moment of astonishment is about to land!!!

You draw attention back to the random numbers printed on each ESP card and ask the spectator to look at the five cards they selected and add their numbers together. The spectator has now created a totally random number. Indeed you clearly show the remaining ESP cards and highlight the fact that had they picked ANY other card, the total would have been different.

Which makes it all the more incredible when you prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you predicted the EXACT number they would arrive at! Utterly impossible – utterly mindblowing.

ESP By the numbers is easy to do with a strong and clear effect and nicely printed cards...All in all I think this is a great value release which packs a powerful punch. Another Bannon triumph!, Reviewer

Bannon makes doing this effect deceptively impossible yet ridiculously easy. Everything looks so fair, even your magic friends will have a hard time trying to backtrack from the double climax ending.

Rolando Santos , Linking Ring Magazine

A great routine with a double climax,  10 out of 10!

John Teo,

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