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In the US only:


$60.00—plus $5.00 priority postage and handling

In the Rest of the World:


$60.00—plus $35.00 priority postage and handling

Ten Years of Collected Card Magic


High Caliber is John Bannon’s latest work, a fully loaded retrospective of right-on-target card magic for the real world.

  • Sophisticated “fractal” packet tricks

  • Contemporary gambling demonstrations

  • Ultramodern Ace assemblies

  • Unorthodox “garden path” tricks

  • Unconventional transpositions

  • Refined mental mysteries

High Caliber covers the magical waterfront with a fresh, original view.

Experience dozens of miracles with a pack of cards—all of Bannon’s published work since Dear Mister Fantasy in one collection.

Over forty complete routines.

A 7 x 10" deluxe cloth bound volume with dust jacket; over 300 pages, illustrated with photographs.

A remarkable collection of card magic by a modern master.

"Slick. Cool. Superb on all levels. Beyond the exceptional caliber of the effects is John’s brilliant thinking behind it all." 

John Guastaferro

“This great mix of material and methods shows how Bannon continues to think outside the card box. Once again Bannon triumphs!” 

Raj Madhok

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