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$30.00—plus $5.00 first-class postage and handling

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$30.00—plus $35.00 priority postage and handling

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I am actually shocked at how powerful this stuff really is.

David J. Attwood, Reviewer


51 Fat Chances

Trickbag - Down Under Deal

Trickbag - Jay Ose False Cut


Tiny Contrary Killer

Petal to the Metal

Trickbag - Probability Cull


Trickbag - Gilbreath Principle


Trickbag - Key Cards & Crimps

Dead Reckoning

Trickbag - Stacking the Deck


Bannon Triumph

Free Willy

Trickbag - Remote Rosetta


When it comes to zero-move card magic, Bannon is THE man! Powerful tricks, ingenious methods and beguiling presentations. The material on this disc is the work of a virtuoso.

Mark Elsdon


I've been a fan of John Bannon and his magic for nearly 30 years. His work just keeps getting better.

Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine

As usual this is absolutely brilliant work. The routines are flawless, and this is just plain fun to watch and perform.

Magic Portal Review

John truly understands why self-working card magic can pack such a powerful punch and he shares those secrets here.
Tim Trono

This is an exceptional masterpiece sure to become a crowd favorite and instant classic!
Magic Orthodoxy Review

It’s Bannon, it’s self-working, you’re going to love it. Review

One can sit through the entire 2 hours of the DVD and not get bored.  There is so much we can learn from John’s experiences.  I am eagerly looking forward to further and future volumes of “Move Zero.”
John Teo, Review

This is definitely a keeper.  There is a wealth of easy to do magic on this disk. Like all of John's stuff, this scores a solid 5 out of 5.

Magic Portal Review (MZ 1)

I was sure Volume 1 could not be topped. Oh, ye of little faith! Bannon has done it again! Hallelujah! This is one great collection of card tricks that require no knucklebusting moves.
Magic Portal Review (MZ 2)

This isn't your ordinary self-working magic and doesn't stoop to the level of mathematical atrocities. The Move Zero series offers top quality material that is well constructed and thoughtful, and which really capitalizes on important principles of magic.  Volume 2 is every bit as good as Volume 1.  Congratulations all round, and highly recommended!

Enders Game, Reviewer

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