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In the US only:


$30.00—plus $5.00 first-class postage and handling

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In the Rest of the World:


$30.00—plus $35.00 priority postage and handling

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Volume 3 of the acclaimed series of self-working card magic

Featuring nine self-working effects:

The 32nd Sense


Candy Crush

Poker Pairadox

Origami Poker

Origami Prediction

Big Bad Add

Cross Purposes

Box of Doom

Trickbag discussions and Interviews too!


Move Zero 3 is the third DVD in the self-working series by John Bannon and Big Blind Media. Bannon shares his brilliant self-working card tricks and they are incredibly and totally awesome.  This is an undeniably, definitely, absolutely must have DVD!  Bannon is brilliant as always and better than ever."

Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

"For card workers, it is simply never a bad investment to pick up a John Bannon product. There is so much excellent creative work going into sleight-free card magic today that for any creator to remain in the top echelon so consistently and for so long is a real testament to his talent, his intellect, and to the practicality of his creations.

Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine

I would say this DVD is possibly even stronger than volumes 1 and 2. There is always the risk – especially by the time you get to volume 3 – that the life will have fallen out of a franchise. But Move Zero goes from strength to strength.

Philip Sweeting,, Reviewer

What can I say? John has once again delivered a superb collection of easy to perform tricks that will devastate your audience.  Highly recommended. In a word -WOW!

The Magic Portal, Reviewer

The positive comments about the two previous volumes in the Move Zero series also apply to this third volume. Volume 3 is a fine addition to a wonderful collection that showcases John Bannon's genius.

Enders Game, Reviewer

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