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In the US only:


$15.00—plus $5.00 first-class postage and handling

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In the Rest of the World:


$15.00—plus $35.00 priority postage and handling

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A diabolical effect!

One of magic's all time best-sellers

Twisted Sisters is a diabolical effect from the creative mind of John Bannon and is one of magic's all time best-sellers.


With a clear and incredibly powerful effect and a method ingenious in its simplicity, this modern day classic will simply blow your audience away.   See why top professional around the world use and praise Twisted Sisters.

Without touching the cards, the performer causes two thought of cards to trade places in an exceedingly fair and magical manner.


And there's more! The performer goes on to an amazing climax that will leave the audience stunned. The effect is truly unbelievable.

Now, for the first time, John Bannon takes you for an in depth look at this modern day classic filmed live in Las Vegas.




     the thorough instructional DVD;

     a downloadable PDF of the original detailed instruction 

     booklet; and

     all of the necessary cards in US Bicycle backs.


Immediately perform and amaze your audiences with John Bannon's Twisted Sisters

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